The new normal acting as a catalyst for rapid transformation of the traditional BPO model. It is shining a light on how flexible outsourcing partners have been with their clients when conditions change rapidly and how far along the digital journey they have ventured. Where an Outsourcing lacks preparedness and flexibility, customer may choose to end the relationship and perhaps take work back in-house. Equally, there will be cases where providers are lauded for their practical approach. How BPO respond beyond the immediate crisis will determine the winners and losers in the future, and whether the industry as a whole will thrives or not.

Who should be a part of this Summit?

CXO's/ Head/ VP/ President/ Directors:
Business transformation

Featured speakers

Rituparn Bakshi
Rangaraj Sriramulu
Senior Vice President - Digital Transformation
Shobhit Shrotriya
Shobhit Shrotriya
Managing Director - Life Sciences R&D Operations, India
Kunjal Thakkar
Kunjal Thakkar
Vice President

Varun Gupta
Varun Gupta
Assistant Vice President - Digital Business Operations
Rituparn Bakshi
Manish Kumar Poddar
Deputy Head of Security

LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech
Anuj Bhalla
Anuj Bhalla
Senior Vice President – Global Leader
Wipro Technologies

Ankur Maheshwari
Sandeep Musalgaonkar
AVP - Head of India Operations - Global Mobility

Ankur Maheshwari
Ankur Maheshwari
Sr. VP & Head - Investor Relations and Corporate Development (M&A)
Vikrant Sen Chaudhuri
Vikrant Sen Chaudhuri
Global VP –IT

Rituparn Bakshi
Siddramesh Nara
Associate Vice President and Delivery Partner
Rituparn Bakshi
Mahesh Venkataraman
Managing Director Intelligent Engineering Services
Samrat Mukherjee
Samrat Mukherjee
Director Of Operations

Rituparn Bakshi
Sudha Bhat
AVP- Customer Analytics

Rituparn Bakshi
Puneet Aneja
Director HR


Benefits of Attending

  • Discover new ways to improve your business strategy.
  • Gain competitive knowledge
  • Networking is a powerful tool, get the chance to interact with top industry experts in the field, who will share their experience.
  • Unmatched networking opportunities - don't miss the opportunity to make new connections.
  • Explore the best practices to optimize your business processes.
  • Upgrade your personal profile and boost your reputation within your industry.

Key Take-away and Special Features

Making BPO ready to cope up in New Normal.
Emerging technology in new era.
Embracing automation - Deliver new business capabilities and enhancing value of services in BPO industry.

What next, what more -Emerging BPO Industry Tech-Trends in new normal.
Analytics is changing the BPO Landscape.
Big shift - Artificial intelligence is getting ready for business, but are BPOs ready for AI.

A New World for BPO- Digitalization is transforming the growing BPO.
It's time for BPOs to change again in new normal.

Cloud computing - key trends in making BPO industry optimize its business process.
Best Practices - Ensuring data security to drive performance in BPO.
Emerging technology in new era.

Future forward BPO - Unleashing the power of Technology.
Change in BPO - Understand the opportunity and move early.

Future of work: The rise of the digital workforce.

Importance of employee engagement with changing situations in BPOs.
Position people as digitally superior talent with new age technology.

Hybrid BPO - Hybrid work is the new normal.

Reskilling the work force with next- gen technology.
The smart BPO - The future of customer interaction.

Chatbots in BPO - Single place to manage all conversations.

Next big step - BPO Service innovation in a digital world.
Redefine evaluation criteria through analytics to drive top-line growth.

Customer retention strategies that work.

Changing dynamics: Technology - A changing face of BPO Industry.

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