As an industry, Healthcare is complex and uncertain, but it is this ever-changing nature that offers a plethora of opportunities for technology to make an impact.

With the healthcare industry continually looking to cut costs & waste and improve efficiency and throughput, automation of manual tasks can be an important part of a strategy for performance improvement, lower costs and increased efficiency.

Join this webinar to learn how automation can improve the experience of healthcare providers and their patients, from the moment a patient registers for service to the moment their bills are resolved

Who should attend?

CXO’s /VP/President /Directors:




Business transformation



11:00 : Opening Remark

11:05 : Keynote Address: Modernizing Healthcare systems through Technology

  • Understand the current healthcare functions
  • How Automation and AI is can power various functions in Healthcare
  • Understand which processes can be automated to improve quality and reduced costs
  • Best strategies and case studies revealed

11:20 : Reimagining Healthcare with Intelligent Automation and AI

  • Learn how automation improves operational efficiency for the healthcare industry
  • Understand how automating various processes and repetitive tasks can increase efficiency
  • Learn how healthcare companies have effectively transformed their operations with automation

12:00 : Panel Chat: Harnessing power of Automation and AI in Healthcare Industry

With the advancement of Digital and technology healthcare has transformed the way it used to operate. This power panel will discuss the industry’s biggest drivers of disruptive technology, and how it’s redefining our approach to health, wellness and human performance.

  • How RPA and AI are helping healthcare industry transform.
  • Best strategies to improve operational efficiency and cost reduction through technology
  • Some real-life case studies on how RPA helped healthcare industry transform.

12:20 : Q&A and Poll

12:30 : Wrap-Up and Close of Webinar

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